Street Art Brasil 02

Street Art Brasil 02

Our list made only by Brazilian Street Artists.

2015 it was a good year for Street Art in Brazil. We had so many good festivals, events and projects just  like “O.bra festival”, “Art Rua 2015”, “ X Semana Fernando Furlanetto”, “Festival Concreto”,  “Goiás em Cores”, “Além da Rua” and “Telas Urbanas”. All these festivals and projects left us big beautiful buildings covered with colors and amazing murals in many different locations at Brazil. We hope 2016 can be good as 2015 or even better.

Because Street Art ignites changes. We believe Street Art can transform places, individuals, communities and institutions. It stimulates dialogue about critical issues, and builds bridges of connection and understanding. That’s all about giving back to a community or to the city through creativity and art.

The criteria we used for choose these 30 murals its simple, any mural is related to commercial works or brands. The thing that stands out in all of the “best murals” that went up is the concept, the size, the placement and the original style.

Most artists can paint a beautiful and colorful mural, but what makes an astounding street artist and mural is the ability to create a unique vision, to transform the landscape, not only by colors but as well with message, ideas and concept. That makes people change they daily life thought the murals that can be seen at the public space.

We don’t want to say who is “best or better” by this list. Numbers have no influence  as well. We only want to promote “Street Art” made by brazilian artists. As we can see there is not many website and blogs that promote or focus more on Street Art from Brazil. But there is many artists working hard on the streets right here.